Anne with An E is Great TV!

While I know television is not a frequent subject of this blog, I though do have forays into it professional such as this one.

But today I want to write about something not related to transit and TV.┬áThere is so much good television on, that even great shows can easily get overlooked. I bet that’s what happening with this show, Anne with an E, that I happened to come across. Thank God I have a child, and so I gave it a chance. It’s amazingly well done. Textured, layered, both in the depth of the characters, and the depiction of life in those times. I never read the book, Anne of the Green Gables, so I’m not burdened with knowing how much it is departing from the original text. I can see this is a great show. And although safe for children, it’s not childish in its depiction of life and people. And frankly, it’s nice to have a show where you are not bumping into boobs, extreme violence and seamy plot lines. You have to work harder as a show maker, I bet, when you don’t get to use those things to grab viewers’ attention. Anyway, I suggest checking it out.

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