Speech at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

I’m talking about my latest book The Surprising Design of Market Economies at the Taubman School of Architecture and urban planning at the University of Michigan tomorrow, Nov. 19th, at 6:30 pm. Come on out. Everyone is welcome. The talk is sponsored by the architecture school and the SMART transportation center, which is joint project of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. (That was a mouthful.) I’m going to focus more on transportation, which makes sense given the audience and venue.

High Skyscrapers and High Income Inequality

I have a story coming out soon on this subject, so before I forget, I’m posting an old story I had out on this same subject. Here’s the link and the full text. http://www.rpa.org/spotlight/commanding-heights This is from the newsletter, Spotlight on the Region, of the Regional Plan Association, where I’m a Senior Fellow.

The Commanding Heights

by Alex Marshall, Editor, Spotlight on the Region

As a fan of both architecture and economics, it’s disconcerting to conclude there is a connection between something I like aesthetically, which is tall buildings, and something I don’t like, which is greater inequality of wealth and income in a society. But that’s exactly what I’m concluding.

A Castle or a Fortress: New Mayor de Blasio Has Some Choices

I put some thoughts about Bill de Blasio’s election here in Governing today, inspired by the old armory where he held his victory party, which happened to be across the street from my apartment. For understandable reasons, the editor at Governing cut some of the history lesson, and I put it here for those who are interested. Read the article first, and then the paragraphs below.