Korean Delegation Breaks Bread!

I had some colleagues from Korea in town a week ago, including Dr. Gyeng Chul Kim, president of the Korea Transport Institute. He delivered a great lecture at the AIA here in New York, which I and others at the Regional Plan Association, where I’m a Senior Fellow, help set up. I got to know Dr. Kim in Seoul last Spring when I was there. Dr. Kim helped spearhead the transportation reforms in Seoul in the 2000s under Mayor Lee Myung-Bak, who would go onto become president. Anyway, here is a picture of three of us breaking bread at a diner on the west side of Manhattan, after touring the High Line in the bitter cold.

Clair Enlow Reviews Surprising Design

In anticipation of my appearance in her fair city, design journalist Clair Enlow reviewed my book for the newspaper she writes regularly for, the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, which has articles about the real estate industry for the most part. I’m going to post her whole column here about my book. It was a nice piece of writing.

January 23, 2013

Design Perspectives: Book explores free markets that benefit everyone
Special to the Journal
Every day, it seems, we wake up and see our lawmakers in a standoff, and our national government nearing a standstill. Versions of the same scenes play out in state legislatures.

Zero Dark Thirty: Vengeance Is Mine

The movie Zero Dark Thirty, about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, was a good one.  Phenomenal really, and, like many of the movies and television shows I like, very journalistic in its flavor. It felt truthful. It definitely had a political message. I would summarize it this way.

Vengeance is mine. Torture works. Obama sucks.

I say the first two seriously, and the last one somewhat facetiously but sincerely.

The movie had an unapologetic, old Testament tone of striking and destroying our enemy, without qualms or regret. As for torture, it portrayed it as something done extensively, and that was a part of the successful detective work that led to finding Osama Bin Laden. As for president Barack Obama, I don’t believe he was ever even mentioned by name. His administration was portrayed as sluggish and risk averse, and certainly not given credit for taking a move labeled after the fact as risky and tough.

Catskill Review of Books Interviews Me

Ian Williams, host of the Catskill Review of Books, a radio show, did a really nice interview with me about my new book. It’s clear he actually read my book, The Surprising Design of Market Economies. It’s heard on WJFF radio. I’ve been having problems finding a link to the show, but I know it’s out there. So if you do a search, you may be able to find it. I’m sorry I’m so inept technologically. I think you can download it via the radio site, and via Facebook and Amazon.