Michael Lind’s New Book, The Good and The Bad, So Far

I’ve been reading Michael Lind’s new book, Land of Promise: An Economic History of the United States, which has been getting a lot of press, including a front page review in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review section. (Yes, I’m envious.) I can see there is a lot of overlap with my own upcoming book, The Surprising Design of Market Economies. My book is also basically a work of economic history. I can see so far that Lind and I basically agree that a collaboration of government with business is not to be feared, that in fact, it’s essential.

The News on Korea: Good Food, Good Urbanism

I returned from Korea a few weeks ago and the country and its cities were surprising in many respects. Seoul has wonderful urbanism. That was a shock. It has bicycle trails, larger sidewalks for pedestrians, and a wonderful subway system and bus system. It’s torn down a freeway and replaced it with a beautiful stream-centered park. This from a country industrializing as fast as it can. That Seoul and the country can focus on this sort of soft urbanism, more so than New York or any city in the United States, is significant.

I also enjoyed the food. Really tasty.